7 Benefits of Invisalign

Invisible 3D printed or Invisalign braces are an alternative to the traditional wires and brackets we associate with the term braces. Invisible braces are called the clear choice due to the clear plastic they are made out of. The “invisible” braces are 3D printed retainers that guide the wearer’s teeth to their final position. Let’s learn some of the benefits of Invisalign braces.


Invisalign or invisible braces are removable retainers designed to apply pressure to teeth to gradually move them to their final resting place. You can take the invisible braces out when eating food that would get caught in traditional metal braces. You can remove them to thoroughly clean your teeth. This is why invisible braces are associated with better overall oral health. You can floss and brush several times a day without a lot of effort. For example, being able to floss your teeth after every meal and then pop the guard back in means that you’re less likely to have cavities and bleeding gums with invisible braces.

Furthermore, you can remove the Invisalign retainers in order to wear proper protection like a sports mouth guard. You can remove the retainer to play musical instruments or use a CPAP machine. And by removing most of the hassle of wearing braces, you’re now more likely to have your dental issues resolved.

A Discrete Design

Invisible braces are clear, so they aren’t as obvious as metal braces when being worn. They may not be noticed at all. This one reason why your teenager may be willing to wear Invisalign braces though they resist metal braces. And if you don’t want a date or interviewer to notice them, you can remove them. Clear braces may be almost as discrete, but they come with all the other issues of traditional braces such as food restrictions and occasional discomfort.


One of the points in favor of Invisalign is their comfort. They don’t come with rough metal braces or sharp wires that can pop out and poke someone in the gums. An orthodontist will order invisible retainers that are custom made to fit your teeth, so it will fit snugly and not get in the way when speaking or drinking. Better yet, adjustments mean having new Invisalign retainers made, not painful tightening of wires.

The Time Savings

Invisalign braces take about as long to correct your teeth as metal braces, though it can take longer if you don’t wear the retainers as long as your dentist recommends. Yet you will save time in the dentist’s office. Conventional braces require adjustment every three to six weeks. Invisalign braces typically just need to be maintained every six weeks. You’ll also be in and out of appointments much faster. Most of the work takes place at the 3D printer where the new invisible braces are made.

The Lack of Food Restrictions

Many people are reluctant to wear braces because it forces them to give up their favorite foods. Hard candies are off limits. Chewy foods can cause problems. For example, it may cause wires to come out of the brackets. Foods like rice simply get caught in between the wires and brackets, and it is a hassle to remove them with a water pick. Sticky foods can get caught on wires and brackets, too. If they’re caught in between the wires and the teeth, it is difficult to remove, and you’ll be back at the dentist if you damage the metal trying to get the food off your teeth. Nor do you run into problems because you bit into baked goods containing nuts or dried fruit that can cause unexpected problems with your braces.

Improved Oral Health

We’ve mentioned how the ability to remove invisible braces means it is easier to care for your teeth. You don’t need a water pick or fancy flosser to clear the spaces between your teeth. You can brush your teeth like you normally do, and there’s no change required to your routine. This will result in improved gum health and less plaque buildup.

With invisible braces, it is much easier to brush your teeth thoroughly after drinking staining beverages like coffee. This doesn’t just reduce plaque buildup. It reduces the odds of your teeth becoming permanently stained around the metal braces. In a worst case scenario, the patient has stained teeth except for the white patches where the brackets were once attached to their teeth. The solutions for this range from extensive bleaching of the teeth to try to get a uniform look to quarterly dental cleanings to prevent it from happening. Know that your orthodontist isn’t going to be cleaning or bleaching your teeth in addition to maintaining your braces. You’re going to have to go into the regular dentist to have that done.

Once your teeth are in proper alignment, you’ll enjoy much better dental health. It is much easier to brush and floss your teeth. You’re less prone to gum disease and oral infections that pose a threat to your health, both now and in the future.

The Same Results as Traditional Braces

The beauty of invisible braces is that you’ll get the same results as traditional braces. There are relatively few cases where invisible braces won’t work. Invisible braces can treat gaps between teeth, crowded teeth, overbite, under-bite, and cross-bite unless the issue is too severe. In severe cases, you have to use traditional metal braces or clear braces. For children that are still growing, invisible braces may not be recommended, since their teeth are still growing. Yet your teenager may end up in invisible braces to guide their teeth if they had traditional braces when they were 11 to 14 years old, instead of going through braces twice. Suppose you had metal braces to handle severely misaligned or rotated teeth. You may yet end up in invisible braces at the end of your treatment to hold the teeth in place


Get Invisalign in Las Cruces New Mexico Today!

Invisible braces have the convenience, flexibility and discretion of retainers while providing all of the benefits of braces. They provide a number of benefits that you can’t afford to ignore, many of which impact your health and quality of life. Now that you know the benefits of going with invisalign instead of the other options, it’s time to contact an orthodontist to get the best invisalign braces in Las Cruces, NM today. Give us a call and let us help you with that. We can’t wait to help you shine with your smile again 🙂